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Principle of Christian Unity

What would Jesus do?

John answered, “Master, we saw someone casting out demons in your name, and we forbade him, because he doesn’t follow with us.” Jesus said to him, “Don’t forbid him, for he who is not against us is for us.” Lk:49-50

Political Unity of Christians
The common ground for Christians will never be interpretation of Scripture, history proves this, but we can share the same common ground that Israel attained at Mr. Sinai when they became a nation. They were united by the voice of God that spoke the Ten Commandments and the case laws later revealed. Let us not be confused about the place of God’s law, it belongs in civil government while interpretation of Scripture belongs to liberty of conscience. There are over 62,000 Christian denominations each interpreting Scripture differently, but if we place our focus on the work of civil government then there will be no confusion or division. The commandments “Do not Steal ” Do not murder” and other requirements are clearly expressed, no need for interpretation,  just good adjudication. Let ancient Israel be a biblical testimony of how to be united as one nation under God.

He asks, “Who gets to interpret the Law of Moses?”

Response: Does the law “Do not Steal” need interpretation? The answer is no. The commandment is self explanatory. Civil society uses this law and other such commandments regularly. The only debate are the penalties and punishments that occur for violation of God’s law and this debate belongs to the legislature. The law “Do not steal”  provides for two-fold, three-fold and somethings more for restitution. The sensibilities of the  legislature will declare penalties proportionately to the evil committed.  This is for deterrence and restitution.  For felonious behavior, the law of Moses allows mercy or pity for all crimes except for murder; however, if someone willfully chooses a criminal lifestyle it is a capital offense. However, we should remember that the law of Moses is required due to mankind’s willingness to harm his neighbor.  The work of the Atonement is to end such human depravity by waking up the moral sensibilities to the  heart by the inculcation of divine law, and by this effort, we  end the curse of the law which are the punishments of the law by the process of natural justice. By making deep impressions upon the heart, which is the true circumcision, we restore justice to man’s process of reasoning, and the conscience reenters  God’s glory and is no longer under the external code of the law but a just judge unto itself. By the fear of God, we save us from the insensible by the threat of  fire, whip and the tree, but it is by restoring the likeness of God we save the delinquent for all eternity, and we banish the punishment of fire, whip, and the tree.

First Principle of Unity
The American experience testifies that diversity of gods or even a diversity of moral standards can create divisions and factions within a nation resulting in cultural wars even civil war.  The American civil war  is evidenced of this truth when the American Union was divided into warring factions on the moral question of slavery. The South forsook the biblical principle that all men are made in the image and likeness of God (Gen1.27) and being created are equally free with mutual  access to the law and the work of  justice which is constitutionally expressed as “all men are created equal” in America’s Declaration of 1776. The North by Lincoln’s “emancipation proclamation” moved the Union closer to its constitutional obligation of its national charter and compact but the Thirteenth Amendment was a duty fulfilled. By the defeat of the South, It was brought back into the Union not by mutual agreement but by conquest. Principles divide or join a nation. Since the civil war, the unity of American Union found its strength upon an association of a common doctrine who citizenry readily acknowledged  the God of the Bible, and upon this footing, a society within a union coalesced upon universal principles of justice and right, and upon this vital foundation, the American confederacy maintained relative domestic tranquility avoiding interstate military wars. However, the further the American Union moves away for this vital pillar, from one God to many gods  or no god, the more dangerously divided the Union becomes. Division of principle that confuses particular standards of obligation and duty create contending political tribes in continuous conflict for dominance. This is currently the American problem as various peoples  such as Atheists, Islam, Hinduism and others organized political entities battle the Christian republic within shared boundaries.
To restore interstate tranquility within America’s union of Free and Independent Republic is to raise from the ground the fallen standard of  “One nation under God” which is the strongest column, the first axiom of national unity that salutes the First Commandment of  Exodus. 20:3, “You should have no other God before me”   The First Commandment is the towering pillar of international unity by joining the heart and mind of all peoples. It waves a universal banner of moral obligation and duty, and without national recognition of God and acquiescence, the road is paved for internal military quarrels, violent spasms, and destructive discords.  No free nation or confederacy’s of states can long endure the violent social spasms of doctrinal division cause by a thousand different gods; it must be forced apart by internal policy or be subject to appalling submission by force of arms.
Article VIII restores the first pillar of unity,  the First Commandment, “You shall have no other God before me”.
Sensible Majority
The US Constitution requires the States to have a republican form of government and by inference, we can extend this requirement to our general government in Washington. It is a republican principle that the consent of the people is required for the laws in which they are to live under. This makes sense since the founding fathers held to the belief the there is more sensibility and wisdom in the majority than in a minority. Thomas Jefferson considered the majority the safest guardian for the protection of individual rights. Guizot puts his faith not just in the majority but in a sensible majority which follows the Old Testament description of holy nation and a royal priesthood, which is a nation that is enlightened, a citizenry who are knowledgeable in law and justice. America is in a dangerous period in her history as the Voice of the People, the majority or sensible majority, is stifled even sidelined by two political parties on a quest to fulfill political agendas over and above the Voice of the People. Did Washington heed the public opposition to national healthcare? Did they heed the voice of the majority against abortion? Or prayer and the Bible in public education? Perhaps there is confusion about the political faith of the American people. American use to be one people sharing universal principles. America was Christian, and a Union of Fifty States were forged upon this unity. A Union conceived by the power of an enlightened people made sensible by the doctrine of the Old and New Testaments. It was the spirit of the Word that coalesced the hearts and minds of the people and created a federal republic of fifty free and independent republics. This great political miracle was made by a  unity founded not on individual opinions but upon universal principles of one God, moral standard of right and wrong, the potential depravity of man, and the need to confess sin, and the obligation of individual and national repentance. This was  based on Christianity, but today America is a divided nation, Christian and secular, with opposing principles. Jesus said no nation divided against itself can stand, and judging by the stifling of open debate, the nullifying of majority rule, and demonizing of Christianity, we can say America is at the fork in the road concerning their future Union. Either America remembers its heritage and the religion that made us one people or we will split asunder into a thousand factions each with a different god with different a standard. See Article VIII – a constitutional amendment that  restores unity by declaring Jesus Lord.
Conquered People
American Christians are a conquered people.
A nation is conquered when it loses control of its government to foreign factions. Secular Humanist and Islam understand this and have worked in American to take control of America’s public institutions including civil government. Historically, Christians in America had the luxury of a predominately Christian society to defend their rights and protect their government, but not any longer, not since the American cultural revolution of the 1960s which herald in an anti-Christian spirit. The American socialists is at war with Christianity. It was at the election of our current President that American Socialist had declared a major victory over the “Christian right”. By the influence of the current administration, they are making sure that this victory is complete by the dismantling of every Christian vestige from sanctity of marriage to the biblical morality of the Boy Scouts. For the American Socialist every thing Christian must go.The distress Christians feel today in American is the stress of losing control of their country, watching its dismantling and witnessing its transformation into the image of Communist China. The distress they feel is the distress of a conquered people. Is it too late for the conquered to take back their country? Only be obeying God’s plan of redemption from tyranny can we hope to restore American. 1. Keep the weekly Sabbath for a day of public assembly for reviewing the laws of the land and magistrates who execute them. 2. Institution the law of Moses. 3. Restore the guard at the gate of civil government – the religious oath.
Manifest Destiny

One thing is very clear when reading the letters of the Founding Fathers of the American Union, they understood the danger of a standing army. History is replete with examples of a single despot oppressing an entire nation by a single tool – the military. Due to a lack of vigilance over the control of public authority by the American people, a dangerous foreign influence has infiltrated and seized and subverted their government. Americans are under the threat tyranny by the work of treachery. But let us remember the cross of Christ that was planted at the founding of Jamestown in 1607. Let us remember the Mayflower Compact of 1920 which says, “Having undertaken for the Glory of God, and Advancement of the Christian Faith…a Voyage to plant the first Colony…” Let us remember the Unanimous Declaration of 1776 that declares God is our Creator and Supreme Judge. Let us remember the US Constitution that give testimony that Jesus is “our Lord.”  In such a land and with such homage to the Father of Lights can tyranny succeed? Will Providence fail to produce in America a greater nation then at present. Is not the hope of nations lie in the manifest destiny of America, a destiny with God as the helm of a holy commonwealth of nations. Give praise to that Being who has sanctified and will again sanctify the American Union in the rise of His Kingdom.

Principle versus Opinion

Having a difference in opinion is different than having a difference in principle. A nation unified on principle can disagree on opinions of the principle and survive the contest. But a difference on principle means war. An example is America’s civil war. This was a contest over a principle, slavery or no slavery.

Christian America survives and maintains unity not because it is perfect but because the social and political arguments were over implementations of agreed principles, but with the rise of secular humanism, the American Union is now a society divided over fundamental principles. Jesus said no nation divided can stand. We see this truth in America today. The  American division of basic principles (Christian versus Secular) is a raging fire leading to war.


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