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Constitutional Warnings

When Cain spilled innocent blood by murdering Abel, God removed Cain from Eden. When the Phoenicians shed innocent blood by sacrificing children to their gods, God removed them by the power of Rome. When Rome shed innocent blood in the coliseums, God removed them by sending in the Goths and Germanic tribes. When the South American Aztecs shed innocent blood by cannibalism, God removed them by sending in the Spanish. When the Western European nations began shedding innocent blood by abortion, God sent in their enemy the Muslims. When the United States began shedding innocent blood, God sent in the Mexicans and others to replace the Americans.“Providence punishes national sins, by national calamities.”- George Mason.
The punishment for the shedding of innocent blood is the loss of territory rights. That is way Israel when shedding the innocent blood of infants to Moloch was removed from her
covenanted lands by God, first Northern Israel and later Judah, and after Judah’s return, God removed them again for shedding innocent blood which included the innocent blood of Jesus. The massive immigration coming from the Southern border of the United States is not accidental but God working to remove the territory rights from Americans in order to give it to another people. Abortion has divine consequences, and if Americans do not stop, the people called Americans will disappear like the Canaanites, Phoenicians, Romans, Aztecs, and all other nations in history who suffered God’s judgment.

Cicero:”All this the citizen who is patriotic, brave, and worthy of a leading place in the state will shun with abhorrence; he will dedicate himself unreservedly to his country, without aiming at influence or power for himself; and he will devote himself to the state in its entirety in such a way as to further the interests of all. Besides, he will not expose anyone to hatred or disrepute by groundless charges. but he will surely cleave to justice and honour so closely that he will submit to any loss, however heavy, rather than be untrue to them, and will face death itself rather than renounce them. {87} A most wretched custom, assuredly, is our electioneering and scrambling for office. Concerning this also we find a fine thought in Plato: “Those who compete against one another,” he says, “to see which of two candidates shall administer the government, are like sailors quarrelling as to which one of them shall do the steering.” b2.86

 Cicero “…no vice more offensive than avarice, especially in men who stand foremost and hold the helm of state. For to exploit the state for selfish profit is not only immoral; it is criminal, infamous.” b2.77

“Socrates says that when office and rule become prizes of contention such a civil and internecine strife destroy the office seekers and the city. 753.rep

Note: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and other early presidents did not run for office but were elected by their reputation only. The corruption of civil government is certain when public office is handed to determined political parties warring for the right of public office.

Deadly Evolution

The greatest and most imminent threat to every American is the rogue who declares mankind as being evolved from a inferior species like a rodent, and who stands with Darwin in declaring that some men are genetically superior than others thereby giving political excuses and clearing the conscience of those murderous demons like the Nazi’s of Germany who in their insensible quest to improve the human race destroyed in mass the Jews, the poor, the disabled, and the mentally impaired in fiery furnaces due to some mythological evolutionary defect. The light of God does better; He declares all mankind worthy of every protection of life because every man is made in His image and likeness. Discard evolution and the deadliest threat to  life, liberty, and happiness, and follow the course of your only protection, God as Creator and Supreme Judge according to America’s social compact the Declaration of 1776.

Paul “so we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.”  Roman 12:5

John of Salisbury says that a prince is the public authority. He draws strength from all, and to keep public authority from diminishing within him, he must continue to procure the safety of all the members. Additionally, as many offices as exist in the administration of the government, such offices are the number of members composing the prince’s body, and provided that each office is maintained in integrity and virtue, and in the high degree of dignity and esteem, the health and fitness of these royal members are maintained. Yet, if the prince is negligent, certainly, the virtue and majesty of the members will be lessened as if illness and blemishes have attacked every public office. Nor does the head subsist well when weakness and corruption pervade the members of the body.  63

Hallam writes that complaints against notorious abuses defaced the civil government of Elizabeth.” 254


John of Salisbury says that Placentia says that when the Italian cities fell into fraudulence and were divided in themselves by the unstable paths of injustice, immediately the Lord called upon in the arrogance of the Romans or of the Germans or some other punishment, and His hand remained extended until the time when they withdrew themselves from their iniquity by means of penitience,  by this remedy alone do all disturbances in their vicinity cease. 60

Political Madness

Rutherford “and yet kings cannot be so mad as to destroy their subjects. Mary of England was that mad.” 132

Political Fear

Hallam “But a government that directs its chief attention to prevent offences against itself, is in its very nature incompatible with that absence of restraint, that immunity from suspicion, in which civil liberty, as a tangible possession, may be said to consist.”  247

Note: Hallam states a principle of political tyranny. When government is absorbed in self-protection even against its own population, and with increasing political restraints and an irresistible jealousy flowing into every nuance of suspicion, civil liberty is lost.


God calls government a beast. George Washington called it a machine. This beast or machine is the most beneficial or the most deadly institution in the human community. Its great good or its great evil depends on those who has control of it. That is why the colonial and American founders of America put on their state and colonial charters and constitutions a religious oath requirement as a gate, a check on access to important offices of public trust. This oath gave the morally sensible access while keeping out the immorally insensible. The Founder’s wisdom is our guiding light and our hope in protecting the use of public authority. It is the moral duty for every patriotic American to restore the religious oath that mandates conviction in the justice of God and faith that Jesus is ‘our Lord.”


In Matthew 7:6, Jesus said, “Don’t give that which is holy to the dogs, neither throw your pearls before the pigs, lest perhaps they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.” When Jesus speaks of holiness he is speaking of two things: public assemblies and law or the law making powers of the legislature. When Jesus is speaking of dogs, he is referring to the Old Testament description of a homosexual or gay male prostitute who are called dogs in Hebrew. Jesus described sound government principles as pearls and treasure. Pigs can only be found outside of Israel in the heathen nations. In summery, Jesus is giving a warning. Don’t hand over sound principles of government (or the formation of government) to heathens because they will trample them under foot as they raise up a despotism, a tyranny. Don’t hand over the law making powers of the state to homosexuals because if you do they will use the law to tear you to pieces. Article VIII makes God’s law American law. visit:

Checks & Balances

Federal Farmer 1787 “…but necessity only can justify even our leaving open avenues to the abuse of power, by wicked, unthinking, or unthinking men.” 259

Military Enforcement

Federal Farmer  1787 “The great object of a free people must be so to form their government and laws and so to administer them as to create a confidence in, and respect for the laws; and thereby induce the sensible and virtuous part of the community to declare in favor of the laws, and to support them without an expensive military force.” dc.259

Note: This quote by the Federal Farmer inculcates a vital principle; a sensible people will respect and obey sensible law but when laws are legislated that violate the good conscience of the people then it takes a military force to compel obedience. The great threat facing America is the rise of perverted and base legislation by a host of political demons that must be forced upon the American people through military force, and hence, the rapid militarization of America.


Federal Farmer 1787 “…unless the people shall make some great exertions to restore to the state governments their powers in matters of internal police; as the powers to lay and collect, exclusively, internal taxes, to govern the militia, and to hold the decisions of their own judicial courts upon their own laws final, the balance cannot possibly continue long; but the state governments must be annihilated, or continue to exist for no purpose.” 258.dc

Note: The Federal Farmer was an anti-federalist. In 1778, he gives a prophetic outlook as to where the union would end up if the US Constitution was adopted. Today, he concerns was being realized due to the overreaching federal government and the loss of the union’s co-ordinate systems, a division of power between state and federal. The only source of restoration can be from the people through constitutional control. 

Divine Judgment

Jesus “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you tithe mint, dill, and cumin, and have left undone the weightier matters of the law: justice, mercy, and faith. But you ought to have done these, and not to have left the other undone. You blind guides, who strain out a gnat, and swallow a camel! Matthew 12:23:23-24

Seneca “How much better never to have been born than to be numbered among those born for public mischief!” 158


The US Constitution requires the states to have a republican form of government. This makes a socialist, progressive, and communist unconstitutional, Why is the will of the American people being violated? Is it not treason to overthrow the Constitution? In order to restore the will of the American as expressed their Constitution will requires the sovereign, the people, to sit upon their Seat of Authority. This seat is the weekly Sabbath, a public assembly, for reviewing the laws of the land and the magistrates who execute them. The Sabbath is the fourth branch of civil government, and the anchor to republican government. Until the American people act upon their sovereignty, sitting themselves in weekly town hall meetings for the work of public business, hired hands and unaccountable public agents will continue in their usurpation to the detriment of the people. Article VIII restores the Constitution because is ordains the fourth branch of government, the Sabbath., Read it:


John Salisbury says that one ought to control one’s private dignity (private affairs) so that it does not injure public power, and in dealing with personal conditions the splendor of public office is not disfigured.  49

Note: The majesty of the people is in thier public authority that is delegated through their constitutions to create offices of public trust. The people’s majesty once delegated is displayed prominently in the dignity and honor of public office created. The dignity of the president is reflecting the majesty of the people. The ill manners or corruption of  public servants diminishes the respectability of public office and more: it diminished the majesty of the people, reducing the efficacy of public power. A sensible public ought to be alarmed at the diminishing of their majesty by profligate agents.


James Madison 1787 “…danger of encroachments is much greater from the other side [states encroaching on federal powers], and the impossibility of dividing powers of legislation, in such a manner, as to be free from different constructions by different interest, or even from ambiguity in the judgment of the impartial, required some such expedient as I contend for [veto on state laws by the federal government].” dc.198

Note: James Madison speaks of serious problem in federalism. The demarcation of legislative, judicial, and executive powers in a complex system of government, and the various interests that cause encroachments. In 1787, Madison thought, incorrectly, that the numerous states would encroach upon the new general government, ultimately to the destruction of the Union. History is proving otherwise. Federal encroachment upon the States has reduced the states to inferior parts of the system versus equal co-ordinate parts of one whole, each supreme in its retained powers.  Chief Justice John Marshal wrote that only the creator can preserve his creation.  This principle is an axiom found in the Book of Job where God as Creator speaks of setting the boundaries, the jurisdiction, of oceans. Constitutionally, the true source of regulation of jurisdictional right is only with the sovereign, the people. The people sitting on their Sabbath throne must oversee and correct any confusion or usurpation of public authority.


P.A Madison writes “that after the south surrendered [in the civil war] there was no longer any organized Southern States belonging to the Union, only federally administered former States that became divided into military districts whose inhabitants were treated primary as citizens of the United States rather than citizens of a State.” [Historical Analysis of the Meaning of the 14th Amendment’s First Section]

Note: Speeches by incumbent Presidents and other high officials speak of a New World Order. The NWO is rumored to break America into ten military districts perhaps during marshal law. The current President took the Oath of Office on President’s Lincoln’s Bible. Could this Presidential act be an ominous foretelling of the so called NWO of following the civil war precedent of  turning States into military districts under the the sole authority of federal government.


Jesus “You are of your father, the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and doesn’t stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks on his own; for he is a liar, and its father.”  John 8:44

Sidney/Bracton “If he neglect the functions of his office, he does unjustly, and becomes the vicegerent of the Devil; for he is the minister of him whose works he does.”  471.sid


Jesus “Leave them alone. They are blind guides of the blind. If the blind guide the blind, both will fall into a pit.” Matt.15:14

Bracton “If any man who is unskillful assume the seat of justice, be falls as from a precipice, &c. and ’tis the same thing as if a sword be put into the hand of a mad man.”  sid.471.


Paul “…for all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God…” Romans 3:23

Seneca writes in Clemency that all sin, some grievously, some less so, some by intent and some by impulse, some are mislead by the wickedness of others; some fail to have strong resolutions and have misplaced their innocence after a struggling. All mankind has been derelict and will continue to be until the ends of time. 145

Warning from 1787

Pelatiah Webster on Brutus’ I concerns “He dwells on the vast powers vested in Congress by the new Constitution, i.e. of levying taxes, raising armies, appointing federal courts, etc.; takes it for granted, that all these power will be abused, and carried to an oppressive excess; and then harrangues on the dreadful case we shall be in, when our wealth is all devoured by taxes, our liberty destroyed by the power of the army, and our civil rights all sacrificed by the unbounded power of the federal courts.”

Good Fruit

Jesus ” Even so, every good tree produces good fruit; but the corrupt tree produces evil fruit.  A good tree can’t produce evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree produce good fruit.  Every tree that doesn’t grow good fruit is cut down, and thrown into the fire.   Therefore by their fruits you will know them.” Matt &:17-20

Sidney “‘Tis as easy to determined, whether the Grecians when Athens and Thebes flourished were more free than the Medes… or whether more care was taken that justice and liberty might be preserved by Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, Nero and Vitellius, than by the senate and people of Rome whilst the law were more powerful than the commands of men.”

Religious Oaths

God of Israel “you shall surely set him king over yourselves, whom Yahweh your God chooses. You shall set as king over you one from among your brothers. You may not put a foreigner over you, who is not your brother.”  Dt.17.15

Religion creates culture and from culture customs are defined, and it is these customs that give support to the laws of the state. Plato calls customs the rivets of society that uphold written law. A magistrate must be a citizen of the culture in order to effectively uphold the law of the land for his conscience acting upon conviction is formed by the culture that supports the law. Again, he is a child of the culture, and because of this he shares its values, a supporter of its customs which underpin the law. This is fruit of religion. In contrast, if an alien to the religion of the community is given magisterial power, the power to act upon law, that alien will naturally suffer a conflict of conscience by an inherent set of countervailing principles created by  foreign influence. He who is a foreigner is a stranger to the native religion and its product, culture and customs, and accordingly, by the dictates of his conscience, he is an insurrection..

Evidence of this truth is found in America. America’s colonial and American founding fathers required a religious oath, a belief in God and Scripture, in order to gain access to offices of public trust. They wisely protected the culture by the election of brothers who shared the same customs and values of their religious community, and therefore, the laws of the community were keep safe. Historically in America the oath that required the belief in God of the Bible continued in the states of the Union as a matter of right until the 1960s when a secularized Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional Maryland’s religious oath requirement. This dangerous precedent removed the guard at the gate of civil authority and allowed the alien, a foreigner in conscience to Christian values, unlimited access to public authority. The result has been dramatic, a ongoing cultural war leading to national upheaval of ideas and values. Today, Christian America is losing the fight against a new religion as aliens according to conscience work feverishly to undermine the so called “antiquated” customs of Christianity and in the process erect their own oaths to secure civil authority for its agenda. The salvation and hope of Christian America is to take heed of the wisdom of their colonial and American founding fathers and restore the religious oath the declares God is Creator and Supreme Judge according to their Declaration of 1776 and Jesus is “our Lord” according to the US Constitution. Only by this religious oath can Americans restore the guard at the gate of civil authority that will protect their culture, customs, and laws.

“Cincinnatus” 1787 “That some material part of the proposed Constitution are so constructed –  monstrous aristocracy springing from it, must necessarily swallow up the democratic rights of the union, and sacrifice the liberties of the people to the power and domination of the few.” dc 92

Note: In the above quotes, Arthur Lee, in 1787, is responding with criticism to the newly proposed US Constitution. Nobody at the time of the Constitution’s creation or enactment knew where the perfections and imperfections would lead. History is now telling us, and the warnings of Arthur Lee as well as other anti-federalist are being realized. The United States under the present Constitution is struggling with a spirit of aristocracy. Currently, the States authority, representing the sovereignty of people of the state, over health, religion, safely ,and local welfare are being usurped by ambitious, activist factions, such overreaching Congress, and an oligarchical Supreme Court that are controlling, overriding state governments. And if we understand the spirit of aristocracy as a spirit of self interest and personal agendas versus the spirit of public service for the welfare of the people, then America is facing a dangerous aristocracy in a two party system that has adopted an aggressive and ambitious project of reducing the co-ordinate sovereignty within the federal system under God according to it charter the Declaration for a secular internationalism of a new world order with universal human rights without divine limitations.

Anti-Federalist 1787  “A government partaking of Monarchy and aristocracy will be full and firmly established, and liberty will be but a name to adorn the short historic page of the halcyon days of America.” DC 100  (William Findley ?)

Hired Hands

American Salvation begins with the American People. “We the People” are the highest constituted authority in the American Union. The US Constitution is the express will of the American People, and not the express will of the Court, Congress, or President. The Articles of the US Constitution are instructions on how government is to be set up and the jurisdiction of each office. It is the duty of the American people to stay active in expressing their will and updating that will in their instructions. Thomas Jefferson recommended a constitutional convention every twenty years. The People have grossly abandoned their sacred duty as sovereign, and they have left government oversight to the employees, to the hired hands. One day a week, the Sabbath, the American People are required to stop all labor and join in public assemblies to oversee the law of the land and magistrates who execute them. Until the American People repent their negligence as sovereign and become a sovereign, individual and collectively, worthy of rule, the rule of inferior hired hands will continue to work corruption.

Right to Sovereignty

America is founded on its social compact called the Declaration of Independence. Its principles, laid out by Thomas Jefferson, are immutable and American law. America’s Declaration declares that government is instituted in order to secure “inalienable rights” from the Creator, and if government fails to secure those rights, the People have a right to alter or abolish the government and remake it. However, it is more accurate to say that this immutable rule of the Declaration requires the People to alter or abolish government due to its failure to secure life, liberty, and property – for such violations remove from government the right of sovereignty, the right to rule, the right to declare and act upon law. For example, the Supreme Court case Roe v Wade allows for abortions and Texas v Lawrence legalizes homosexual conduct. Congress now appropriates funds for abortions, and the President supports abortions, and in total, they have violated the inalienable right to life, and consequently, they have separated the entire federal government from the right of sovereignty, from the right to rule. because they have separated from the right to life. Additionally, Congress, the Executive and Judicial have joined forces in declaring a right to violate the rectitude of the Supreme Judge who commands the punishment of homosexual offenders. This removes government from the right to sovereignty. States that fail in their duty to interpose against the federal government encouragement of abortion and homosexuality also lose the right of sovereignty. This principle is not a fantasy. It is part of America’s charter the Declaration of 1776. It is the duty of every patriotic American to restore the legitimacy of government and restore the right of sovereignty by altering or abolishing such government offenses and setting up such government that can secure every man’s inalienable rights. Article VIII to the US Constitution restores the right of sovereignty by making God’s law American law.

Grotius “Yet where a Busiris, a Phalaris or a Thracian Diomede provoke their people to despair and resistance by unheard of cruelties, having themselves abandoned all the laws of nature, they lose the rights of independent sovereigns, and can no longer claim the privilege of the law of nations.” 227

Lex, Rex “For Winzetus…saith of Nero, that he, seeking to destroy the senate and people or Rome, and seeking to make new laws for himself,…lost the right to the kingdom.” 128


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