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Manifest Destiny

The United Nations as an institution is not based on sound republican principles and therefore American participation is contrary to the spirit of our Federal Union. The UN Convention on Human Rights is based on “expert” opinions versus God’s immutable law. This is so dangerous that every person and nation should consider the UN as a threat to life, liberty and happiness. The great global hope is America’s manifest destiny with its charter the Declaration of 1776 that declares God as the Creator of Inalienable rights and Supreme Judge of our national rectitude. This steers the police powers of the state in the proper direction. Additionally, the US Constitution is a tested international covenant for all nations – it has succeeded in keeping the domestic tranquility among States since the civil war.   Thomas Jefferson wrote,” The preservation of the holy fire is confided to us by the world, and the sparks which will emanate from it will ever serve to rekindle it in other quarters of the globe, numinibus secundis (with the help of the gods.) tjm/l 600

Enemies spy. Friends trust. Failing to trust creates enemies out of friends. The American Union is made of fifty free and independent republics that trust one another. No one would think of Florida spying on New York or Michigan spying on  Delaware. This domestic tranquility is created by the US Constitution, a success story. If it can work for fifty republics, why not for a hundred fifty? The US Constitution, a international covenant, for the world over.


Response: All societies have to learn their lessons; providence forces the struggle in order that experience will illuminate reason, this is how we achieve wisdom. Protestants like Catholics committed a grievous error when they legislated interpretation of doctrine instead of the law of God. The limits of legislation are the commandments that define good and evil, while interpretation of doctrine belongs to liberty of conscience.

Wesley writes,”If, 240 years ago, the intent was to create a theocracy, it has proven to be another failure and can be added to my list above.”

Response:America as  “One Nation under God” or theocracy as a failure has not been proven. The Christian response to the secularization of the American Union is not complete. It is their final response that will determine if God reigns over the Union or not. However, if you understand the workings of Providence, you will see that God drops hints to let the world  know His intentions. For example, Rome in her infancy had omens of her destiny as a future empire. The two previous quotes from George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to the global manifest destiny of America should not be taken lightly, especially in light that that were students of history and perceptive of the working of Providence and more than able to calculate the outcome of the American Union.

Wesley writes, “I am glad my hope is in Christ, not the USA.”

Response: The US Constitution after Article VII declares Jesus as “our Lord” This is not by accident. James Madison says that every phrase of the American Constitution should have force on every other phrase. In this light, this makes Jesus “Lord” over the executive, judicial and legislature of the American Union. This is our hope in Christ fulfilled. It is the work of American Christians not to allow the literal words of the Declaration and Constitution be a dead letter, and thus lose the true hope of humanity. The law is on their side. They need to enforce their the literal words of their charter and covenants.

Wesley writes,”In any case, it is not a theocracy at this time; it is a secular republic. If it ever had a manifest destiny as a nation under God, it has long since betrayed it.”

Response:This is the current claim by those involved in the ongoing secularization of the American Union. However, this insurrection is fighting for principles counter to the truths of America’s social compact the Declaration of Independence that declares that God is Creator of our rights and Supreme Judge of our rectitude;those who are working toward a secularization are waging war against America’s organic law. However, this grand folly can only succeed if God allows it, and if the manifest destiny of America is the hope of humanity, then all attempts to destroy the America’s Christian Commonwealth will fail.

Mike writes,”I am sure a Canadian will take issue with the notion of “Manifest Destiny” Historical note: “Manifest Destiny” was the excuse used by American hotheads to invade Canada in 1812.

Response:One has to understand the manifest destiny of a nation is the work of Providence. In other words, the destiny of a nation is above its successes and failures. The hope of Canada like all other nations is a working constitution that allows for world peace. This is what the EU Union is trying to achieve. However, by the hand of Providence, this has already been accomplished since the civil war by the American Union. Let us remember that the “great American experiment” was the Founding Father’s attempt to create a Union that would promote domestic tranquility among member states, no matter the number of members. By the wisdom from America’s sons of liberty, the US Constitution is based on timeless principles and tested by time, and if the American Union can keep peace between fifty republics, it can achieve peace between a hundred and fifty. The nations of the world would be wise to promote the success of the American Christian against the secular insurrection in order to restore the Union to its founding principles that they may join as a member state in a federation based on “free and Independent” republics who have freely enumerated specific powers to a general government of limited powers.


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