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Article IV Republican Clause

Article IV Republican Clause

Madison quotes Jefferson “All the powers of government, legislative, executive, and judiciary, result to the legislative body. The concentrating [of] these in the same hands is precisely the definition of despotic governments.” on Virginia experience.” aconst59

Note: We see in England the necessity of separation of powers. The executive,king, control of the judiciary led to efficient tyranny – king’s law, the prerogative, directly executed by royal judges under the ding’s pleasure. The king control of the House of Lords by the creation of peers, and control of the House of Commons by the creation of town charters led to royal influence in the legislationof laws. The separation of parliament from the judicary is required by the mere fact of physical convenience and necessity. House of Lords was a large body and incapable of serving various parts of the realm in a judicial capacity. 

US Constitution Article IV Section 2.

The citizens of each state shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of citizens in the several states.

Article of Confederation Article IV.

The better to secure and perpetuate mutual friendship and intercourse among the people of the different States in this Union, the free inhabitants of each of these States, paupers, vagabonds, and fugitives from justice excepted, shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of free citizens in the several States…”

Note: How is God, Creator, and Supreme Judge of the Declaration of 1776 incorporated into the US Constitution? The speech by Bingham, author of the 14th amendment, explains that the principles of the Declaration of 1776 is incorporated into the US Constitution via Article IV Section 2 ‘privilege and immunities clause.’ The ‘privilege and immunities’ of every American comes from the Declaration of 1776.  Article IV requires every state in the union to recognize and to uphold the God given rights and obligations of Declaration of 1776  – the law of Moses and the law of the Gospels -marriage according to Scripture is between one man and one woman, while homosexuality, adultery, bestiality, and incest are capital offenses. This is American law. Bingham himself sought to grant federal enforcement of those fundamental rights of the Declaration by adding a federal version of  the ‘privilege and immunities’ clause in the 14th Amendment. This he accomplished. The 14th amendment incorporates the law of  Moses and the Gospels into the US Constitution, and allows for federal enforcement of them.

But there is more. The US Constitution subscription clause declares that Jesus is ‘our Lord” making Jesus Lord over the Judicial, Legislative, and Executive branches of the federal government. This again supports the American System. Additionally, the Constitution subscription clause ties itself directly to the Declaration of 1776 by the word the “Independence …the Twelfth;” – this is explicit textual proof that there is a the fusion of the Declaration of 1776 with the US Constitution.


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