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Due Process of Law

1297 AD De Tallage non Concedendo “No officer of ours, or of our heirs, shall take corn, wool, leather, or any other goods, of any manner of person, without the good will and assent of the party to whom the goods belonged.” sdoc 88


Cicero “The same prohibition is effective, without statutory enactment, in equity cases, in which it is added that the decision shall be “as good_faith requires.”/a In all other cases in equity, moreover, the following phrases are most noteworthy: in a case calling for arbitration in the matter of a wife’s dowry: what is “the fairer is the better”; in a suit for the restoration of a trust: “honest dealing, as between honest parties.” b2.61

Chrysius, a Stoic philosopher of the greatest erudition, began a book which he wrote as follows: “Law is the queen of all things, Divine and human. It should also be the Governor, the leader, the ruler, of both the good and the bad, and, in this way, be the standard of whatever is just and unjust, as well as of those things which are civil by Nature, prescribing what should be done, and prohibiting what should not be done.”  Marcianus, Institutes, Book I.s.3.scott

Due Process of Law

Henry I laws state that nature of the causes, the charges of the accusers, the selection of witnesses, and choosing judges are done through a conscientious investigation. 5.1a

Rutherford “…but inferior judges are no less essentially judges than the king….and so by office must interpret the law, else they ca not give sentience according to their conscience and equity. Now, exponing of the law judicially is an act of judging, and so a personal and incommuniable act; so as I can no more judge and expose the law according to another man’s conscience , than I can believe with another man’s soul, understand with another man’s understanding, or see with another man’s eye.” 137

Cicero “For let the laws be never so much overborne (overcome by emotional pressure or physical force) by someone individual’s power, let the spirit of freedom be never so intimidated…” B2.24.deoff


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