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Take The American Pledge – mission statement


American liberty is based on ancient principles. Restoring American liberty requires restoring those principles that created liberty.

1. Small civil polities of self-government which Thomas Jefferson called “little republics.”

  2. A weekly public assembly by the people for the people for the overviewing of the laws of the land, and those who execute them (called the Sabbath).

3.A mutual agreed standard of right and wrong – Ten Commandments.

Our Mission,

Our mission is to incorporate God’s wisdom into the fabric of American society by adding Article VIII to the US Constitution. Begin the mission of America’s restoration by…

Step 1. Organize your family, friends and groups according to Exodus 18.21 – communities of 10 persons, 50, 100, 1000 with a leader over each.

Step 2. Keep the Sabbath: solicit friends to join you in a home study group in order to learn the principles of our constitutions, God’s law, and the laws of the land.

Step 3. Electing leaders in your groups and to public office who declare Jesus “Lord” according to the US Constitution and God as Supreme Judge of thier moral rectitude according to the Declaration of 1776 as codifed in the Ten Commandments.

Step 4. Work to establish Article VIII to the United States Constitution.


Take the American Pledge…

It is the first duty of society to establish such rules and obligations that all citizens may in good conscience be able to conform and to obey.  America’s charter, the Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson, sets out those incorruptible principles which establishes the American Society in the American Union. This uniquely American compact is a binding charter, a mutual agreement between citizens and between states. I exhort you, leaders and laymen, to recommit yourself to those enduring precepts of civil society that establishes those rights and privileges of citizenship by taking the following pledge taken from the Declaration of 1776.

I pledge to uphold the American States and Union as being under the authority of the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.”

I pledge to uphold every member’s inalienable right of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness as granted by the Creator.

I pledge to declare that every member is created and equal.

I pledge to uphold privately and publicly a rectitude as determined by the Supreme Judge of the world.

If you cannot with earnest conviction make this pledge of allegiance to America’s Unanimous Declaration of 1776, I encourage you to call upon that Divine Being who forms the hearts of all men so His benevolent Nature may illuminate the soul with the divine light of understanding so knowledge may be added to faith and faith becoming conviction may produce good deeds according to those immutable principles of liberty which all sensible men desire and hope.





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