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Article VIII – For the US Constitution

Article VIII  – Union of Holy Assemblies

Section 1 Since the people are only happy when living under laws they have consented to, and indispensable to their pursuit of happiness is to love God with all heart, soul, and strength, we do ordain and establish the Sabbath, the seventh day, as a day of holy assemblies. Therefore, all inhabitants of this Union shall make this day free of all labor and recreation, except for necessity and mercy, and they shall devote themselves to the deliberation, inculcation, and review of all laws, statutes and ordinances both human and divine, and on this day they shall inquire, investigate and review the actions, integrity, motivations, and character of their public servants against the character and motives of Christ, and the freeman shall elect those worthy of public office and remove those unworthy, and since suffrage is a civil action that delegates sovereign power, every vote by every freeman shall be published with the reasons and supporting principles as a matter of public record.

Section 2 For the protection of life, liberty, and property, all inhabitants and citizens from age twelve shall enter into a tithing of ten persons under the authority of a tithingman; a deputy shall have authority over five tithings, a constable over ten and a judge over a hundred; the highest court of the each state shall have twelve judges over twelve circuits and the Supreme Court of the United State the same; the governor of the state and President of the United States shall vote in a divided court; each officer elected.

Section 3 Since it is the sacred duty of the people as sovereign to be enlightened and capable in law, a knowledge of the obligations and duties of our constitutions, God’s moral law and law of the land is required for receiving the Oath of a Freeman, and it shall be a pledge to guard and defend the rights and liberties belonging to the people before an examining committee of elders, and a written charter of citizenship shall be signed by all parties, and this charter shall grant citizen privileges within the Union and resident state.

Section 4 To ensure the good and moral administration of all government powers, the Oath of Fealty shall be required for any freeman seeking public office, for the ministry of law, of education, and by judgment the work of the physician. It shall be a personal testimony that Jesus is “our Lord” according to our Constitution and God is the Supreme Judge of our rectitude according to the Declaration, affirmed by a holy life. This affirmation shall be by committee of elders under the freeman’s oath who shall examine the moral convictions, good behavior, and personal integrity of each candidate seeking public office or any person in office by two or more complaints. The committee shall determine the eligibility of the candidate for Oath of Fealty for public office by evidence of all public and private testimonies and other reports, and its decision may be appealed.

Section 5 Since the strength of the union depends on the strength of the family, we acknowledge marriage to be a union of one man and one woman chartered with rules for the governing powers according to Scripture and sealed by payment of the bride price. The joining of man and woman as one is marriage according to law incurring all legal responsibilities. No marriage shall be granted to those who have violated the marriage covenant to the loss of the Oath of a Freeman and Fealty.

Section 6  Since the spirit of idolatry and atheism has confounded the moral standard of right and wrong thereby creating vicious factions leading to civil perversions and tyranny by law, the God of Israel shall be our only God and His law shall reign. Therefore, we ordain the revealed law given to Moses and the law by the hand of Moses, excepting the sacrificial requirements, and of the Apostles and Christ Jesus to be the fundamental law of our common and civil law and is the law of the land. Life begins at conception and is protected. Imprisonment as punishment shall not be endured nor sanctioned. No more than forty lashes shall be inflicted for felony crimes with a loss of oath. The punishment for incorrigible felonious behavior is death, and murder shall receive no mercy.

Section 7 All enacted laws shall be stamped with the Seal of  יְהוָה  and any law repugnant to the holy common law shall be unconstitutional. No one shall misuse the Seal of  יְהוָה  without penalty.

Section 8 So God may dwell among us, the land granted to the Jewish people by the God of Israel shall be recognized, and they shall build the House of God. The festivals of the Lord shall be required in our union of family states as a lasting memorial. The State and Federal Twelve shall gather in Jerusalem at Tabernacles for training in constitutional principles and law, unless circumstances prohibit.

Section 10  To defeat oppression by taxation in our federal republic, ten percent of earned income shall be the only personal tax, and there shall be no tax on residential real property. Because a debt of one generation cannot be given to another, being taxation without representation, all public debt shall be forgiven in the year of Jubilee. All private debt shall be forgiven at the appointed seventh year. No other debt shall be forgiven except according to law.

Section 11 To extend the right of a republican form of government to every inhabitant, the freemen in communities of 10,50,100,1000,city, county, state, and Union shall establish constitutions in accordance with the Unanimous Declaration, the Constitution with Article VIII. The freemen in convention shall amend or repair their state and federal constitutions in the year of Jubilee, and in other times provided.

Section 12 Since a general authority of limited powers over nation states is the proven hope for domestic tranquility among free and independent republics, entrance into this Union shall not be denied to any established nation or state with a republican form of government, and by the adoption of the Unanimous Declaration, the United States Constitution with Article VIII in convention. Any member may dissolve its membership in this Union by a two-thirds majority in a state convention, but no nation has a right to corrupt itself according to the ethics of divine law without offending this Union.


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